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Whether you’re looking for a summer student job or a full-time job in the aquatic field, you’re in the right place! Our clients and partners throughout Quebec and Canada are seeking competent and reliable people to join their teams.
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Job positions

Assistant Lifeguard

An Assistant Lifeguard job, gives you the opportunity to develop the experience necessary to become a fully autonomous lifeguard. This is a great opportunity to get started!

National Lifeguard

We have numerous lifeguard positions available at interior and exterior swimming pools and water parks this summer. We need you!

National Lifeguard – Waterfront

Dreaming of a job where you can work outside this summer? Dream no longer… we have lifeguard positions at campgrounds and waterfront beaches throughout Quebec.

Aquatic Manager

Is managing swimming pools and recreational activities something you know and love to do? If so… we definitely want to hear from you!

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Let us know what type of position you are looking for and we’ll help you find it! We have lots of jobs available: Assistant Lifeguards, Lifeguards, Aquatic Managers, etc. We’ll find the perfect match for you!

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