Lifeguard Service

Do you need lifeguards for the upcoming season or perhaps a last-minute replacement? Our impressive employee bank contains over 700 available certified lifeguards. This means we can respond quickly to all your requests for short- and/or long-term staffing needs.

Summer lifeguards

Every year we launch a recruitment campaign to attract the very best qualified lifeguards with Standard First Aid/AED training in an aquatic environment for the summer season. We have lifeguards who are perfect for campgrounds, hotel pools, public pools, water parks, waterfronts, etc., for locations across Quebec!


Last-minute replacements

If you have an urgent request for a last-minute lifeguard replacement or need additional lifeguards during peak periods, we are always here for you! Our 24/7 support will never leave you short, no matter how big or small your aquatic facility or location in Quebec.


Management and remuneration

From recruiting certified lifeguards to managing work schedules to payroll, we can take care of absolutely everything for you! Tell us what you need and we will make sure everything gets taken care of the way you want it to.


Lifeguard training

Training and requalification of lifeguards is important in our business. That’s why we offer a number of quality lifeguard training courses for Bronze level and National Lifeguard level certification, including Standard First Aid/AED training courses.

Need a lifeguard?!

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