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Want to work as a lifeguard or need to prepare yourself for requalification? Regisiter for one of our many lifesaving courses recognized by Quebec’s Lifesaving Society.
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Lifesaving courses we offer

Bronze Medallion

Bronze Medallion certification is required to work as an Assistant Lifeguard at a pool, as of age 15. The Bronze Medallion is the first step toward becoming a fully qualified lifeguard who can work on their own.

Bronze Cross

Bronze Cross certification is the second step toward becoming a fully qualified lifeguard. It allows you to work as an Assistant Lifeguard at a pool, as of age 15, or as a lifeguard at a private pool that is less than 100 m2.

Standard First Aid/AED training in an aquatic environment

This two-day course is a mandatory prerequisite to taking the National Lifeguard certification course. It covers the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).

National Lifeguard

National Lifeguard certification allows you to work alone as a lifeguard, as of age 17, in swimming pools of all sizes, throughout Canada.

National Lifeguard – Waterfront (beach)

National Lifeguard – Waterfront certification means you have received additional lifeguard training in river and lake waterfront beaches and can work in these aquatic environments as of age 17.

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